What Russia’s newest 3M22 hypersonic anti-ship missile means for NATO

NATO has long bragged about being ahead of Russia in terms of Naval force, and arguably, they were correct in some aspects. Tonnage & logistics, and until mid to early 2000s, firepower. That all changed about a decade ago. Russian firepower at sea now trumps any NATO naval force. The west tends to focus on aircraft carriers and jets at sea; while Russian navy focused on corvettes and other types of ships that are basically floating missile launchers, armed to the teeth. …

Many months after the Artsakh war ended, Azerbaijan’s supreme leader Ilham Aliyev is still stirring up hatred for Armenians inside of Azerbaijan. All the way back in December, Aliyev started hiring talented artists to create wax mannequins for him, which kicked off an idea in the ill mind of Aliyev — Aliyev started planning a theme-park. The theme-park intentionally disrespects the memory of the numerous victims who fell in the Artsakh war, and not only that, but it downright trolls them. Aliyev unveiled his psychopathic creation a few days ago.

Artsakh, 2020; Civilians under Azerbaijani fire

Between 27 September 2020–10 November 2020
(1 month and 2 weeks, or 44 days) the capital of Artsakh, Stepanakert — was hit 43x times, that is almost a perfect ratio to 1 bombing a day. There are no clear military targets in Stepanakert, these attacks were deliberately aimed at civilian areas. Streets were shaking from cluster munitions, civilians were killed, apartment buildings, houses, markets, cars blown to pieces; yet, the people of Stepanakert did not give in to these terrorist tactics employed by Azerbaijan. The brave residents that stayed, and there were many — knew what Azerbaijan is doing, especially those…

Armenian Church destroyed by Azerbaijani & Turkish Armed Forces – Artsakh, 2020

ASBMilitary/14 Dec/- On September 27th, a war which was prepared for months by NATO and Azerbaijan – has started. Turkish Military Elite Forces led one of the first few attacks in the southern direction of the conflict, which at that time- was unknown. This information about direct Turkish involvement only started to come out towards the end of the conflict. Turkey is a member of NATO, therefore they’re bound to stick to International law, after all, that’s what NATO was created for. – or you’d think.. if you get your news from mainstream media.

The wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan…

Chances are, you’ve been fed paid-propaganda about the Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict. 87% of Google search results show misinformation and propaganda on the events in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). Majority of Western mainstream media write stories condemning the Armenian side, claiming Armenia committed war crimes against Azerbaijanis.
But how accurate is that? Let’s have a look.

There is ONE video of Armenian soldiers commiting what could be classified as a ‘war crime’. It shows an execution of an Azerbaijani soldier captured in the battlefield, at night, most likely after heavy battles- using a gun. …

Armed forces of Azerbaijan beat and torture a helpless elderly Armenian civilian in Artsakh

Azerbaijani Armed Forces are currently propping up their presence over Artsakh as the ‘End of war’ agreement is coming into force. Azerbaijan was given large regions of Artskah through the means of the trilateral agreement signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the mediation of the Russian Federation. Regions that Azerbaijan failed to capture during battle have been transferred to them in exchange for implementing a ceasefire and agreeing to deploy Russian peacekeepers into the war-torn regions.

Azeris have brought their forces into Agdam today, as the deadline for Armenia to pull out their troops has ended.

As Azeris slowly occupy…

Azerbaijan To Take Control Of Artsakh — Now What?

Russian peacekeepers near city of Shushi, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)


One of the deadliest battles between Armenia and Azerbaijan has come to a halt. Armenia, Russia & Azerbaijan have struck a deal which involves both parties to stop fighting at their current battle positions — and Armenia to hand over key parts of Artsakh to Azerbaijan.

Many Armenians see the result of the current outcome as a failure of the international community and their lack of support for Armenia- leaving them outmatched against what was essentially a war against NATO’s Turkey and the Turkey-imported Syrian jihadists.

From foreign mercenaries to weapons, combat drones (which won the battle for Azerbaijan)…

ASB Military

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