Armenian Genocide 2020 And War On Iran — Brought To You By NATO/Israel

Chances are, you’ve been fed paid-propaganda about the Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict. 87% of Google search results show misinformation and propaganda on the events in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). Majority of Western mainstream media write stories condemning the Armenian side, claiming Armenia committed war crimes against Azerbaijanis.
But how accurate is that? Let’s have a look.

There is ONE video of Armenian soldiers commiting what could be classified as a ‘war crime’. It shows an execution of an Azerbaijani soldier captured in the battlefield, at night, most likely after heavy battles- using a gun. This video came a few days after Azeris skinned and decapitated a very young Armenian soldier.

That is it. Nothing else has ever been caught on camera.

Now let’s have a look at Azerbaijan.

ASB is in possession of over 40 videos of Azerbaijanis committing war crimes in Artsakh. These include executions of civilians and soldiers, decapitations, torture, mutilations, abuse, humiliation & cluster bombing of civilian settlements.

One recent video takes the cake. The video shows Azeri soldiers cutting the head off of an Armenian civilian and placing his body on a dead pig.

Azerbaijani military chops off head of an Armenian civilian, places it on a dead pig. Artsakh, 2020

The video shows the corpse of a civilian with the head missing, the Azeri soldier approaches the body with his boot and starts stepping on the civilian’s stomach- in order for blood to squirt out of the chopped off neck- for extra camera points.

Azerbaijani military stepping on the stomach of a decapitated civilian, blood gushing from neck. Artsakh, 2020

Then the camera angle changes and shows a head chopped off, which is disturbingly still moving facial muscles, mouth, expressions, etc. The head was placed directly onto a dead pig as seen in the first photo, but then fell on the ground. One soldier made sure to grab the head and adjust it on the ground, so it faces the camera. The Azerbaijani soldiers are laughing during all of this. The video can be found on ASB’s Twitter (@ASBMilitary).

As disturbing as this content may be, it’s not the worst of all things.

The most disturbing part of all this is that NATO and Israel are directly involved in these atrocities against civilians. The Azerbaijani military has been under Turkish command during the Artsakh war. Azeri soldiers were committing these vile acts under the command of NATO.

USA, Israel and Turkey were playing a bigger game in Artsakh

How is the US involved in all this? Apart from attempting to negotiate a ceasefire, which everyone knew would flop within minutes, the US stayed quiet. This is for a good reason.

USA’s current Number One enemy is Iran.

This is where Azerbaijan comes into the picture. It’s widely known that the president of Azerbaijan, I. Aliyev, did not have commanding power over this conflict. Turkey’s Erdogan did. That is why all ceasefire attempts failed — until Erdogan was involved and got the green light from Russia to set up a military base “Monitoring centre” in Azerbaijan. As Artsakh territory transitions into Azerbaijani rule of law and military protection, its highly likely that this Turkish “Monitoring Centre” will expand with it — all over Azeri-occupied Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

Turkey is a member of NATO. NATO is led and financed by the US.
Azerbaijan has assisted Israel and the US with espionage campaigns on Iran, letting Israel’s Mossad run operations from Azerbaijani territory.

Whenever Israel makes a move against Iran or its interests in the region, USA knows about it first. Trump was expected to make a power-move against Iran before he leaves office. It was also expected that Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. Earlier on today, Mohsen Fakhrizade, the most prominent and important Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in Iran. He’s dubbed to be the “Soleimani of Iran’s nuclear sector” “The Father of Iran’s nuclear capability”

As you can imagine, this move will deliver a huge blow to the Iranian nuclear field. This man was responsible for a lot of breakthroughs and most major Iranian nuclear projects and achievements. This is the 4th Iranian nuclear scientist that has been assassinated — by the Israeli and American alliance.


Israeli weapon shipments used by Azerbaijan on Armenian soldiers and civilians likely stem from this event. It is currently reported that the assassins traveled to Iran from Azerbaijani territory. Turkey has imported Syrian jihadists to fight against Armenia, for the Azerbaijanis. During the conflict, many of them tried to cross into Iran. This caused a small conflict on Iranian borders- which caused some casualties. The assassins who killed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh today are most likely the very same Syrian ‘mercenaries’ imported and paid for by Turkey. The countless Israeli weapon shipments to Azerbaijan were likely a part of a deal made between the two countries, in exchange for Azerbaijan hosting the Israeli/US operation against Iran’s Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Iran has vowed retaliation for the assassination and has stated that USA, Israel and the US-backed MEK are behind the killing.

The lives of the Armenian people were used as negotiating chips between NATO’s Turkey, Israel/USA and Azerbaijan. At the cost of hurting Iran, the US, Israel & Turkey enabled another genocide against the Armenian people and their history, identity, culture and future. The war machine is not done yet — and it is the Armenian people that paid- and will continue to pay the price for it.

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