Azerbaijan Is Comfortably Torturing Armenian Civilians While The World Stays Quiet

Azerbaijani Armed Forces are currently propping up their presence over Artsakh as the ‘End of war’ agreement is coming into force. Azerbaijan was given large regions of Artskah through the means of the trilateral agreement signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the mediation of the Russian Federation. Regions that Azerbaijan failed to capture during battle have been transferred to them in exchange for implementing a ceasefire and agreeing to deploy Russian peacekeepers into the war-torn regions.

Azeris have brought their forces into Agdam today, as the deadline for Armenia to pull out their troops has ended.

As Azeris slowly occupy Artsakh, videos of Azerbaijani military torturing civilians are surfacing.

Multiple videos of Armenian civilians and especially elderly people being tortured by Azerbaijani soldiers have appeared on social networks, shared by Azeri users with a sense of pride & celebration over their actions towards the Armenian people.

The photo shared above shows Azerbaijani military cutting off ears of an Armenian elderly man for being present in Artsakh.

Mutilation and especially the act of cutting off ears is a known Azerbaijani and Turkish feat. Before the implementation of the ceasefire, dozens of videos were posted to social networks of Azerbaijani military taking knives and chopping off ears and heads of fallen Armenian soldiers, sticking them alive, cutting their throats, and more disturbing acts.

One especially graphic video appeared on social media of an Azerbaijani soldier taking a knife to a fallen Armenian soldier’s face and stabbing it beyond recognition, while cursing and spitting on the corpse.

(We won’t be including the imagery for the above mentioned act due to its graphic and disturbing nature)

Under the rules of the Geneva Convention, torture of prisoners of war (POW) is classified as a war crime.

Both sides have captured POW’s during the conflict. Azerbaijani POW’s captured by Armenian Forces are currently being handed over to Azerbaijan as a part of the trilateral agreement.

When Azerbaijani Forces captured Armenian POW’s, they did not hesitate to pull out their cameras and ridicule them, torture them & then proceeded to murder them. Thanks to this sick mentality, all these vile acts have been captured on camera.

Azerbaijani soldiers lined up captured Armenian soldiers, tied their hands, feet & tortured them with sharp objects. First, sticking a long sharp object into their kidneys, legs and throats. Then they proceeded to murder them. Usually, before murdering them, they tied their hands behind their backs and covered up their eyes to impose more fear and mental pressure on the captured soldiers.

Azerbaijani and Turkish war crimes against civilians and captured soldiers aren’t surprising. Azeris have used banned cluster bombs against civilian targets on a daily basis in the Artsakh war. The international media ignored this. Mainstream media continues to ignore atrocities against Armenians due to large payouts and economic interests in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Even ASB was offered “strategic partnership” payouts 3 times during this conflict by large Turkish media corporations in exchange for propaganda. We refused, but most media outlets evidently- have not. The struggle of the Armenian people continues centuries later. Even in 2020, with social media providing all the proof needed for intervention and prosecution of these criminal acts, the world continues to ignore the oppression of the Armenian people.

The final situation in Artsakh is currently unclear as final negotiations between the 3 parties are still taking place.

Russian peacekeepers are currently deployed around Artsakh in large numbers, especially in areas where Armenian civilians are present. Russian peacekeepers were also deployed around historical Armenian monuments and religious symbols. This is due to fears of Azerbaijani military destroying these invaluable historical structures in an attempt to erase Armenian history from regions of Artsakh.

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