Azerbaijan: The ill Mind Of Aliyev

Many months after the Artsakh war ended, Azerbaijan’s supreme leader Ilham Aliyev is still stirring up hatred for Armenians inside of Azerbaijan. All the way back in December, Aliyev started hiring talented artists to create wax mannequins for him, which kicked off an idea in the ill mind of Aliyev — Aliyev started planning a theme-park. The theme-park intentionally disrespects the memory of the numerous victims who fell in the Artsakh war, and not only that, but it downright trolls them. Aliyev unveiled his psychopathic creation a few days ago.

The theme-park includes mannequins of Armenian soldiers, dead/injured and alive; but that’s not the worst part. Aliyev instructed Azerbaijani military to collect helmets from dead Armenian soldiers so he can build a walk-through tunnel out of them in the theme park, which Aliyev walked through for the cameras, with a disturbing smirk on his face.

The artists who created the mannequins said that they usually take up to a year to finish such a huge project, and that they create some of the most beautiful wax mannequins, but in this particular instance, they finished the job in under 4 months, working day and night, they said. They stated that they “researched Armenians” and “tried to create the ugliest mannequins” possible.
It’s unclear whether that was Aliyev’s direct command, but judging by previous work of these artists, it almost certainly was at Aliyev’s direction.

As we’ve mentioned before, the theme-park did not just disrespect the memory of the fallen soldiers, but it also took a provocative, almost troll-like turn. Aliyev included a souvenir section where people can buy shirts with various quotes. One that stood out as provocative and unprofessional was “Ne oldu Pashinyan?” — Meaning: “What happened, Pashinyan?” (Pictured on green shirt on photo below, left side)

The Armenian community is outraged, worldwide. This isn’t just a simple war-museum as is the case with many countries in post war scenarios, this is downright a playground of Armenian trophies. Azerbaijanis flocked to the park as soon as it was opened. They brought their children. The kids were observed crawling around the Armenian trophies and mannequins- and one photo caught the moment when a little girl was pretending to strangle the wax-mannequin of an Armenian soldier.

This barbaric behaviour of Azerbaijan is not new, historically. However, with the international community watching; one would be hopeful that the Azerbaijani government would tone down the xenophobia and Armenophobia, unfortunately that is not the case. The international community has not commented on these events. Gulf state media praised this development and a couple of Greek and Russian outlets condemned it, but that’s where it ends. It is the same story as the international condemnation of Azerbaijani war crimes- none, it never happened.

Azerbaijan is still holding Armenian prisoners of war, captured illegally post ceasefire, does anyone care? No. Azerbaijan is getting away with every crime they’ve committed, and it seems that this is not going to change; oil and economic interests are far more important to western powers than the very existence of the Armenian state and people.



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